Video Tip: Glue Stick Handle For Securing Miniatures While Painting

There are many inventive ways to secure a miniature while painting.  Some like to bond the mini to a piece of cardboard while others buy specialty stands to do the trick.  A few years ago, I noticed a pile of left over glue stick scraps in my work area and thought they would work great as temporary painting handles.  Simply heat one side of the glue stick with a lighter and stick it to the bottom of a miniature.  The glue holds strong, but does not chemically bond so the handle is easy to pull off later without leaving any residue.  Adding a base to the glue stick is just as easy, heat and stick.  Check out the video below to see how its done.


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Comparison: Dark Vengeance vs Assault on Black Reach

Assault on Black Reach (ABR) has been with us for over four years.  ABR was released around the same time the 5th edition ruleset landed in July 2008.  Replacing Battle for Macragge (BM), ABR was a god-send for new players both in quality and value.  Featuring over 500 points of Space Marines and close to 500 points of Orks all for around 50 USD, ABR was Games Workshop’s (GW) gift to the gaming community.  Unfortunately, year-over-year price increases have slowly whittled away ABR’s incredible value.  Before it was retired, ABR cost 99 USD or a doubling of its original price in only four years.  Although the price increased, ABR is still a fantastic beginner set that is well worth the price.  In my opinion, the original price was ridiculously low. So low, in fact, that it made individual sets of certain Space Marines and Orks irrelevant.

Dark Vengeance brings a new level of refinement to the Warhammer 40k boxed set.

Dark Vengeance brings a new level of refinement to the Warhammer 40k boxed set.

With the release of the 6th edition rule set in July 2012, many wondered if GW would rekindle the incredible value that ABR once had.  GW never lowers prices, so instead, we were expecting a substantial increase in quantity and quality in ABR’s replacement, Dark Vengeance.  We recently obtained the Dark Vengeance (DV) set to review and, due to interest, decided to do a comparison between the outgoing ABR set and DV.  We will compare the included literature, look for changes in the provided gaming accessories, and compare the included miniatures both in quality and points value.

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Review: Warhammer 40k Dark Vengeance 6th Edition Boxed Set

Dark Vengeance Brings Value Back

Games Workshop released the 6th edition Warhammer 40k ruleset earlier this year along with an overhaul of the beginner’s best friend, the Assault on Black Reach (ABR) boxed set.  Games Workshop has long offered a beginner friendly starter set that includes everything a novice needs to jump right into the Warhammer 40k hobby.  The value has been so good that veteran players routinely purchase the kit due to the fantastic point per dollar of the included miniatures.  The starter sets of the past have been fantastic values and an easy entry point for new players while also being a good value for long-time players.  The biggest question that I had going into this review was if the extra cost of the latest set is justified over the outgoing ABR set (full comparison here.)  In this review, we will be focusing mostly on the Dark Vengeance (DV) set alone, is it worth the price?

Dark Vengeance Boxed Set

Dark Vengeance Boxed Set

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News: Warhammer 40K Sixth Edition Boxed Set

Excitement was at an all time high during the Tyranid/Space Wolves refresh a few months ago leading into the release of the sixth edition rule book.  Now that GW has recently announced the sixth edition starter set and made them available for advanced order, the excitement continues.  GW has done a good job this year rolling out new product in a consistent fashion, which is great for fans but bad on the wallet.

The sixth edition boxed set continues GW’s high quality starter set offering.

For the first time, Chaos Space Marines will be the featured foe (Dark Eldar, Orks, and Tyranids fought against the Space Marines in previous sets.)

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Reaper Bones Flex Test

The Bones line from Reaper has been in the news quite a bit lately since they blew out a ton of minis for a fantastic price during their Kickstarter campaign.  Their Kickstarter campaign was wildly successful, which sparked a lot of interest in Reaper miniatures, especially the Bones line.  Since the Bones line uses an untraditional type of material, people have been interested to see how it feels.  We created a quick video demonstration to show the flexibility of the models.

The Bones line by Reaper are very affordable. The material they are made from is untraditional and quite flexible.

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Games Workshop Vs Inflation: The True Numbers Behind The Price Increases

I’m still the same price from 2004!

Games Workshop get a lot of grief from fans for their seemingly annual price increases.  With all the good news coming out lately—the sixth edition rule set and the upcoming boxed sets—its been easy to forget about the disappointing news from May when GW decided to raise prices for 2012.  It is not hard to get worked up about price increases, but have the increases really been that serious?  In all honesty, I couldn’t recall the price of miniatures when I first started collecting them.  Out of curiosity, I decided to look into previous GW pricing and compare it to today’s pricing.  As we go along, keep in mind that the average inflation for the US has been roughly 16% over the last eight years.

I compiled a 21 item list consisting of a wide range of GW items to compare day’s price to the prices eight years ago (2004.)  The list offers a decent sampling of the types of products most fans would be interested in such as codices, rulebooks, battleforces, starter sets (boxed editions), single troop kits, vehicles, and squads.  I do not have access to dealer inventory lists and the few dealers I did reach out to did not have documents dating back far enough to be of much use.  Surprisingly, it was quite difficult to obtain solid pricing numbers from first party sources.  GW’s tight internet sales policy may have something to do with it. Continue reading

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Warhammer 40k Sixth Edition Boxed Set

Dreadnought from 6th Edition Rulebook. Possible design for boxed set?

The sixth edition rules have dropped, but what gets us excited is the new boxed set that is arguably the best value when it comes to army building.  The boxed set is also the face of Warhammer 40k as it is often a new player’s first experience with Warhammer 40k miniatures.  That’s why we believe it is a very important launch.  The main armies are all but official, Chaos vs Dark Angels.  However, some debate still looms over the exact miniatures that will be included.  Let’s go over what most expect the new box set to include:

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