Reaper Bones Flex Test

The Bones line from Reaper has been in the news quite a bit lately since they blew out a ton of minis for a fantastic price during their Kickstarter campaign.  Their Kickstarter campaign was wildly successful, which sparked a lot of interest in Reaper miniatures, especially the Bones line.  Since the Bones line uses an untraditional type of material, people have been interested to see how it feels.  We created a quick video demonstration to show the flexibility of the models.

The Bones line by Reaper are very affordable. The material they are made from is untraditional and quite flexible.

Reaper makes hundreds of miniatures that are mainly used in role playing games or simply for people to enjoy painting.  Most of their line up is either made of metal or expensive resin.  The Bones lineup was created to recast the more popular models into a cheaper material so that more people could enjoy the miniatures.  The type of material that the people at Reaper settled on is quite untraditional.

Unlike GW models, or most miniatures, the type of plastic is much more “rubbery.”  GW models are very hard plastic, such as the type used in plasticard or in model cars.  Reaper decided to use a more flexible plastic.  I assume they went this route due to cost and because it makes the miniatures immune to breaking.

To give our readers a sense of how flexible the Bones line is, we made a quick demonstration video.  Check it out below.  Check back in a week or so, as we are working on painting some of the Reaper Bones miniatures and will write a full review.

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