News: GW warns customers to check their Finecast figures before purchase

Games Workshop sent a memo to local hobby shops warning that some of the new Finecast figures may have a manufacturer’s defect.  The defect consists of a small bubble in a key area that could cause damage to the model or unsatisfactory results.  GW urges retailers to inform the customer and to do a visual inspection to insure the customer is satisfied with the figure before purchase.

GW warns retailers to check over finecast models due to possible defect.

GW does not usually send these types of messages to retailers unless it is a real problem, so be sure to check all your new models for the next few months because spending hours painting them only for the model to break is never fun.  Since GW has acknowledged the problem, there should be no problem returning defective figures.

It is unclear whether online orders are affected, but it doesn’t hurt to check them over just to be sure.  The problem is mainly associated with boxed models, not the clam packs.  If we get more details, we will be sure to let you know.

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1 Response to News: GW warns customers to check their Finecast figures before purchase

  1. Sam says:

    This is so common for Finecast that I think their customer service department is getting stressed. Of the 20 or so Finecast models I have purchased, I have has to replace 10 of them including 3 Hive Guard that I bought in a batch. That has to hurt GW’s bottom line since they ship out replacements with almost no questions asked.

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