Warhammer 40k Sixth Edition Boxed Set

Dreadnought from 6th Edition Rulebook. Possible design for boxed set?

The sixth edition rules have dropped, but what gets us excited is the new boxed set that is arguably the best value when it comes to army building.  The boxed set is also the face of Warhammer 40k as it is often a new player’s first experience with Warhammer 40k miniatures.  That’s why we believe it is a very important launch.  The main armies are all but official, Chaos vs Dark Angels.  However, some debate still looms over the exact miniatures that will be included.  Let’s go over what most expect the new box set to include:


  • 1x Chaos Dreadnought, plastic with Close Combat Weapon and Twin Linked Melta
  • 1x Chaos Lord
  • 6x Chaos Marine Chosen with close combat outfit
  • 20x Cultists with a mixture of weapons

Outfit: Dreadnought is equipped with DCCW and twin linked melta. Chaos Lord has standard equipment of a plasma pistol and power sword. Chosen are outfitted with a range of close combat weapons such as the power maul, power axe, power fist, and lightning claw.  Cultists have numerous weapon options from assault rifles, to flamers.

Dark Angels

  • 1x Captain Balthasar, non-Terminator
  • 1x Librarian
  • 3x Ravenwing Bikes
  • 5x Deathwing
  • 10x Marines with normal outfit and 1 Plasma Cannon, 1 Plasma Gun

Outfit: Balthasar has power sword, iron halo, and combi-plasma. Librarian has a force sword and bolter pistol.  Ravenwing bikers have a plasma, a pistol, and sargent is equipped with a chainsword.  Bikes are equipped with twin linked bolters.  Deathwing squad has one assault cannon, one chain fist, and three power fists with the sargent equipped with power sword and storm bolter.  Frag and Krak grenades are equipped on all troops.

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4 Responses to Warhammer 40k Sixth Edition Boxed Set

  1. relicpainting says:

    Oh this sounds awesome, I hope it’s true!

  2. Reblogged this on Relic Painting and commented:

  3. grimvoodoo says:

    any idea if they will be putting in a Miniature version of the 6th edition rule book like in black reach, the 6th edition rule book is nice but you need a 2 foot square area free of models to get it out and check anything

    • subyman says:

      The new boxed set will be replacing the Black Reach set. I haven’t heard anything about them updating the Black Reach set to reflect the new rules. I believe, much like the Black Reach set, that the new boxed set that is scheduled to come out in a few months will include an abridged version of the large rulebook. Also, if you have an iPad, you can download the digital version from the GW website/app. That may be worth looking into.

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