News: 2012 Warhammer 40k Release Schedule and Timeline

We’ve started the year off right with great Q1 releases such as the Thunderwolves and a refresh of the Necron Battleforce.  The year still has a lot in store for us, with the biggest release being the 6th edition ruleset and the accompanying starter box set refresh.  There is a lot of Space Marine love this year with Dark Angels and Chaos Space Marines rumored to be getting new troops as well.

Cobbling together all the rumors around the web, we've come up with this potential release timeline. (*Click to Enlarge*)

We’ve scrounged through all the rumors, buzz, and half-truths to put together the most probable release schedule.  It looks like we have a great year in store for us yet.  The Fallen have also been rumored, but there isn’t much information out there.

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2 Responses to News: 2012 Warhammer 40k Release Schedule and Timeline

  1. scratch2ks says:

    Like you I have just begun getting back in to 40k after a many year break (longer than yours!) and I’m fortunate to have a son who is just getting to be old enough to have an interest too. I’m starting to paint some of my old mini’s which I have from the old days but hadn’t touched yet so your site has proven a great inspiration, thanks and keep it up! I may be blind, but I can’t see any way to subscribe to an rss feed or notification when you post something new? (oh there it is, down there vvvvv)

    • subyman says:

      Its great to hear about parents enjoying miniatures with their children. Table top games are fantastic for kids, especially the modeling side which promotes creativity and inspiration that is sorely lacking with most activities pushed on children these days.

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