Warhammer 40k Sixth Edition Rules Are Here!

The sixth edition is here!

News have been pretty bleak over the last few months with the excitement of the new Space Wolves miniatures wearing thin, but, as our timeline suggested, the sixth edition rule set dropped recently to much praise.  One of the main complaints with the transition from 4th edition rules to 5th edition rules were the numerous complications and vague descriptions that accompanied the new release.  Not only did the 5th edition rules have a bit too much grey area, they were sometimes hard for new players to jump right into.  Games Workshop aimed to tackle this problem with the sixth edition, and so far it seems like they have done a great job paring down unnecessary rules and adding additional clarification to others.

What this means for a Warhammer 40k fan is two fold:  Streamlining the rules may draw more people into trying the table top experience because their eyes will not glaze over reading the first few pages of the rules and it will also bring clarification to rules that were so vague or so complicated as to force players to agree before a game how those mechanics would work.  This is not to say “house rules” are gone with the sixth edition (not at all, in fact), its just that the standard rule set is clearer as to how to tackle certain situations.

As for us, we enjoy playing the occasional table top game, but we are more focused on modeling, painting, and lore than table top tactics and rules.  Strategic theory and a detailed break-down of the new rules is not something we have the capacity to properly discuss, but there are numerous sites that delve deep into theory.  As people have more time with the new rules, more and more sites and blogs will start coming out with tactics and discussions about the new rules.

We will, however, round up the major changes and discuss how this may effect the game going forward.

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