Rumor Round-Up: New Games Workshop Paints

We’ve had several viewers ask about updated information on the new line of GW paints that will be coming out soon.  We did some searching and chatting and compiled a list of the latest rumors surrounding the paints.  All the rumors here are very plausible, so I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the release line-up is very close to what insiders have been discussing.

Hopefully GW moves to dropper bottles, but if not, you could always do this mod.*

Let’s take a look at the latest rumors:

  • ~150 new paints in total
  • 75 normal paints and 75 “extended” paints (Smaller LHS will only carry normal paints)
  • Change in manufacturer
  • High density pigments
  • Containers are likely to stay the same
  • Possible new naming scheme
  • Announce in March, release set to April

The biggest change, in our opinion, will be the manufacturer switch and the change to higher density pigments.  We talked about several different brands of paints in a previous article and mentioned that the P3 paints provided superior color coverage and more vibrant finishes than the other paint brands.  This is because P3 paints use very small pigments.  Hopefully the rumor is true and GW is going with the higher density paints, because there is a large difference in coverage.

Personally, I am a little bummed to see them, most likely, staying with the same container as before.  I tend to waste a lot of paint as it dries around the edges of the pot.  A lot of people keep their pot open while painting, which shortens the life of the paint.  Almost every other reputable brand has moved to the dropper style containers and I would like to see GW follow suit.

The number of new paints on the way is comparable to their current line up and other brands as well, so it looks to provide plenty of options for everyone.  We will be interested to see what the “extended” range is composed of.

As for the release date, LHS’s have already gotten in their order sheets for March and there is no mention of new paints.  In January, they got the suggestion to start clearing out their stock in preparation for new paints.  So, look for an announcement in the coming weeks and a launch in April.

*Check out the mod at: Lascannons and Lances

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